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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dear Twinkie | A Dog Advice Column

A Dog Advice Column

Hi my friends,

First let my Mommy say how thankful she is for your Mom's comments. Mommy is just a scaredy cat and it helps to know your Mom understands how she feels.

Since we haven't been around much we have been catching up on what we've missed from your blog. Mommy loves your post from last Sunday. Just looking at all those rescued dogs made Mommy feel so good that there are folks like your Mommy helping dogs. The3re is nothing as rewarding in lfe as far as we are concerned. We saw a pic on that post Mommy would like to us, if its ok. It was of a bunch of dggies standing in line for treats.

We you you guys.

I have a queation that I need Twink's advise on. "Do you think my Tiger will still love me with some of my furs gone and what can I do to look attractive again?

TVT: Dearest Mona, first off, happy happy recuperation! I'm so glad you're finally recovering and enjoying a little freedom. Feel free to grab the photo you want. Rescue dogs love to be featured. Plus, I just grabbed yours. See? 
Frankie Mi Ricca
About your question, are you serious? We are talking about the Kissa-bull Tiger, n'est-ce pas? My sweet insecure friend, we're talking about a pack of integrity here. Kissa-bull as a whole is reliable, consistent, ethical and definitely not superficial. Tiger is out of his mind with worry. The entire pack is sending their good thoughts and prayers to "Tiger's love, Mona" and their mommins ish lighting a shpecial candle as they pray furry hard. As for your looks, I think the above photo proves you don't need to do anything further. We love you the way you are. 
kissa-bull asks...
oh twinkie maria conchita
have you efur thought about having your own talk show since you are furry much good at this advice thing.maybe even a late night show too . and could we be your first guests we promise NOT to toot

pibble wiggles
the pittie pack
TVT: I am in negotiations with America's Funniest Home Videos at the moment, and because this coincides with Norwood's Pawdance Film Festival, I feel there is hope for me, since one of my video clips is featured on his site. I cannot think of a more jovial mismatched group to invite as my first guests. I also think the tooting will enhance the experience, so pretty please, load up on beans before the taping of our pilot. In the meantime, as you can see from Mona's question, I work for woo!
The festival officially started yesterday

Wooos Twinkie! That is all some fabulous advice woo give I am much impressed. You are quite the smart little doggie aren't woo?
~husky kisses~
-Kira The BeaWootiful
TVT: I am smart enough to know that you are beawootiful, and caring, and a good friend. I would like to take this opportunity to wish a happy birthday to your mommy. 
Beautiful seafarer
Sonic asks...
Oh wow! I didn't know you had an advice column! When is the next one coming up? I wanna ask a question too!

TVT: Aye, aye, aye, Sonic! Wake up and smell the socks, buddy. I guess I have to stop by to send you a personal invitation to my dog advice column. Perhaps your iphone and your google reader are both acting up. BTW speaking about your iPhone issue, since iPhoto works, plug your iPhone, go to the Photos tab and at the top, right next to Sync Photos from, select the folder of your choice. Do a sync and you're done!
No further comment
Twink, no happy birthday cake on your birthday?? We think that M should contact Mom for her cake recipe that she makes us every year for our birthday, it's super delicious, and has no sugar in it. Why, even Dad said it was good! And if she still won't bake you a happy birthday cake, then you can come to our house and Mom will bake you a cake and we can all celebrate together!

Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell
TVT: Nope, no birthday cake for me yet. Now, I have my hopes up, not that M will actually bake for me, but that your mom will. I'm ready to celebrate. I'm packing my bags.
Feel free to have the cake ready when I arrive
Cocorue asks...
We LOVE You TwinkTwink!!!

we have not laughed this much in the past two weeks as we have Not been blogging - ask Her why!
her excuses will make you puke!!!

i have an observation and want your take on this:
i listen and understand mumster's speech BUTT she looks dense when I Speak to her......and she's Not the only one....Most hoomans look stupid

Do you think WE ARE smarter than the hoomans??? Why did God Not Smarten them up before they became nuisances???

love you lots
Display of intelligence
TVT: Yes, I believe it is a scientifically proven fact that we are way smarter than hoomans. And that's not all we have on them. For starters, we're smart enough to use all four (three) of our legs, while they have to support their weight on two only (notice how many hoomans have sore backs?). For another, you and Tiffy spent two weeks playing and gossiping while your momma was trying to use her hooman intelligence to fix a computer. This proves you also make better use of your time. God probably didn't smarten hoomans up because they were prototypes, first generation, and usually those are lemons.
Another great advice column Twinkie!!

I have a question for your next column...There is a certain Lhasa in my life whose name USED to be Tank..he SAYS he has lost his you think that maybe he is just looking for another girlfriend???

TVT: I love being the bearer of good tidings. As of today, drumroll, Tank's identity crisis is over. His memory has been restored. It wasn't personal. It was a gross misunderstanding caused by blog comments and a ferocious lion. Feel free to make contact again. Hurry before he forgets you.  
You should be getting more love letters from Tank soon
So Twink
Here is a question for next your next column.
When do you do your research, what are your sources and do you have a library card?

Mom and I cackled at your comment on our blog...we know you love us 'cause you pick on us...too funny.
Thanks for the smile.
Madi and Mom
TVT: My main resources are my Google Reader, blogspot, and WordPress. I think Frankie, the chiweenie, will be getting a library card before I do, since she's contemplating becoming a service dog. As for the "love you 'cause I pick on you" comment, big mistake. I see you have listed 7 things about you on your bloggy today and . . . I can't pass on the opportunity. I'm on my way to tea, tea, tease you!
Proof that Madi is easy to make fun of
Now go take on the day!
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