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Friday, September 3, 2010

Dog Spa Days

As a blog star, book protagonist, and model, I, Twinkie, the teacup chihuahua, need to look good at all times. No fast trips to the grocery store or Home Depot looking like I just got out of bed. I need to be presentable around the clock. That's where the dog spa comes in. I have to maintain my furs. The good thing about the dog spa is that it's nothing like grooming. I know many of my furiends do not like going to the dog groomer, and I'm here to offer a great alternative. Please put your parents to bed before reading the rest of this.

The Dog Spa Twinkie Style

First, you have to find a wet dirty spot.

Collapse to one side.

Turn to the other side.
Make sure not to miss your head.

Repeat the original side to make sure all the mud and dirt saturate your bodacious bod.

You're starting to get the idea.

Remember to take small breaks to breathe out of your mouth.

Back to enjoying the dog spa.

Et voilĂ ! Dog spa treatment est fini!

From rescue dog being kicked around the streets of downtown Los Angeles to having my personal dog spa! Unreal! Life is beautiful . . .
Dog training tip: Next time your parents offer to take you to the dog groomer, suggest this alternative. They may bulk at first, but that's when you bring up the price comparison. Nothing beats a dog spa day!


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