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Friday, June 11, 2010

Hiking With A Senior Dog And A Three Legged Dog

We met up with our buds, Hank and Sue, the rhodesian ridgeback dogs, the other day and went wild. We went to our local creek to romp, pee, sniff, swim... What a day! Of course, our pack included a senior dog and a three legged dog, we had our limitations. We made sure we didn't go too far in case one of us got suddenly tired.

Senior dog and three legged dog take the lead
"Catch us if you can!"

Our young friends had a ball
They have endless stamina and they're both in great health

The rhodies love to chase us

Good thing three legged dogs can also run fast!


Surprised, huh?

Unfortunately, I had to turn Hank down again
"Find somebody your size, Hanky."

I'm so well adjusted as a three legged dog that I can manage all kinds of terrain

It was a great hike!

After hiking with dogs, we were invited to Hank's for . . . dog treats, slurp
I have to tell you, Hank is one pawesome host

At the end of the day, I was one exhausted three legged chihuahua, so I grabbed a good samaritan ride back home

The chiweenie crashed too

We make the most out of our dog hikes, despite our physical limitations. No senior dog should be punished by being restricted unless it's a necessity. No three legged dog should be restricted ever. As long as we're alive, we'll continue to enjoy our dog hikes and everything our life has to offer. 
Life is beautiful as long as you have a forever home that cares for you. 

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