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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pack Leader

The Alpha and The Omega

When someone asks, "Who is the top dog at your house?" we all kind of look at each other for assistance. We're all dog adoption puppies. It's actually quite complicated. There is a strange lack of hierarchy. Linguini and I have seniority. If Linguini wasn't as sweet-natured as she is, we'd be in trouble. I was born an Alpha. Linguini is female, like me, plus she has seniority because of her age, and she was established for almost a decade before I barged into her life. Linguini does not care about titles though. She's happy to share everything with mini-me. When the Brat, the chiweenie, appeared into both our lives, there was no more room for top dogs. Frankie became the Omega.

Perhaps if I tried to use my demo photos, I could explain this better.
First, the Alpha spots the Omega

Meanwhile, the unaware Omega is basking in the sun

Then the Alpha pounces on the Omega

Clear demonstration of who the Alpha is

You guys know about pack mentality. There has to be a real pack leader. Who would that be? Our M is our Alpha and our Omega. She is also the fierce commander we all report to. She's like our PO. Nothing escapes her, and perhaps that's why we all live so peacefully and harmoniously together--and this includes the katz.

Who's the Alpha in your home?
*  *  *
Before I leave you to figure this out, I'd like to mention two things: 1. Twix, the doxie, is a two-time wiener-winner of my BOOK. She won one for Mango Minster 2010 and another one through my One World One Heart post. You lucky girl... 2. Darwin, the great dane, shocked me the other day. She put up this hilarious POST in which she included me. I just mentioned I wanted to play, and next thing I know I'm having a ball with her and Remi, the rhodesian ridgeback, and this other furiend, I don't know properly yet. Her name is Nala and she's a Rhodesian Ridgeback too. After reading her post today, I have the feeling she didn't even see me. My bad for being so tiny, since I'm a tea cup chihuahua, but maybe she could use some glasses. I'll head over there to suggest it now, but first: Thank you Darwin!

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