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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blue Heeler Name Change

Cookie No More (A Barn episode)

Do you remember the new blue heeler dog at the barn, a recent dog adoption? Her name was Cookie. Well, you better remember since many of you asked for an update. I was at the barn recently and when I asked about Cookie, nobody could give me an answer. I repeated myself, explaining I wasn't talking about edible cookies, but I got nothing. I started to panic then. Cookie's family were all tragically dead and poor Cookie herself, the sole survivor, was in poor shape when rescued. I looked to the right. No Cookie, but somebody was hiding behind a tree. I went around and saw:

Nathan, you silly goose, um, horse. I thought you were Cookie, the blue heeler.

I wanted to keep looking but M grabbed me because somebody allegedly got me a present. I was hoping for a dog treat. I looked for my present and saw:

OMD Please scroll away

Once I flattened myself in place, thus convincing M I wasn't going to wear this, no way no how, she got it off me and I started looking for Cookie again. Wait, what was that I saw between Nathan's legs?

Wrong again, 'twas my pal, Peetie, the doxie.

I was starting to panic. Nobody could talk to me about Cookie. Nobody knew of a Cookie. At this point, I came up with an idea.

'Scuse me Zamiro and Ringo, would a blue heeler happen to be between your lovely heads?
They neighed me away. Huh, horses can be so private at times.

I heard some noise from one of the stalls, so I decided to take a look.
Not you again, Peetie the doxie! Sorry dude, get back to work

I hope you realize, by now I was fearing the worst when all of a sudden I heard Maddi's voice. Cookie loved Maddi, also a blue heeler, so I ran to see if perhaps I could finally locate the Cookie Monster.

Twinkie: Boomer! What are you doing?
Boomer: Who, me? Keeping Maddi's tail warm
Maddi: Tiny chihuaha, get off of me now or I'm wagging!

Maddi did indeed have the answer, "Twinkie, if you're referring to the crazy baby Heeler, she didn't like her name." I was confused, and Maddi noticed. "She goes by Holly now." And that's when I turned around and saw Cookie, err, Holly.

She's become a soccer player now

And she's so serious about her future career that she asked for the name change herself.


My blue heeler and recent barn dog adoption asked me to say hello to y'all



UPDATE: I just heard through the grapevine, okay, from Fiona, today's the day we get to vote for Sporty Dogs at Mango Minster 2010. If you check out MM you'll find that there may be a slight delay but keep checking. They actually had to break Sporty Dogs down to two groups and with all the crazy things happening over at MM, it'll be interesting to say the least.

Twink! Twink!
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