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Friday, December 18, 2009

A Dirty Post For a Cute Maltese Friend

Inspired by Sonic's the Maltese's blog, I decided to discuss "tooting." Sonic claims he can fart all colors of the rainbow. I'm very impressed. Mine are just smelly. It's Linguini who has the most interesting fart-ventures in our family. I wonder if it's the dalmatian or the german shorhaired pointer in her that toots the smelliest. She's got a tiny bum and when she toots it sounds like a stifled trumpet. Yes, there's always a warning. As soon as the trumpet sounds: A. Linguini looks stunned then starts looking around for the perp, B. the rest of us scram! She's had 10 long years to find out where the noise comes from, you'd think she'd have it figured out. Tsk-tsk.

Thanks for the inspiration, Sonic.
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