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Monday, February 11, 2013

To Pee or Not to Pee on Other Dogs

Does YOUR dog pee on other dogs? Huh? Does he?

Actually it's a quite common behavior that our Pedrito, El Diablo, the little yellow "Great Dane", is fond of. Overall, the act itself can have diametrically opposite interpretations: submission OR domination.

Let's analyze this!

Your average dog pee pose

A safer distance pee
Notice the indifference in both beasts' faces

You can almost hear them singing indifferently

These two gentle giants, are secure in their relationship. They go potty only when and because they get the urge. 

There's another reason for dogs to go potty however. We will have our little DOGMINATRIX demonstrate the rest:

Eggs-ibit A

Eggs-ibit B

Eggs-ibit C

Lil' Pete, is a dog full of surprises. If you remember him from past posts, he is also a talented Po(o)p Artist... 

Let's focus for a minute. Peeing on other doggies, is an excellent way to spread one's scent; however, one possibility is that the Pee-er is submitting, therefore showing deference to other dogs. Hmmm. In that situation, the Pee-er means no harm to the Pe-ee. Let's look at the body language in the 3 photos above. Is Pete's head lowered? NO. Is Pete showing his belly, even just a tinsy bit? NO. Is his tail down? NOPE! Well, in his case he is trying to DOMINATE. This is no subordinate urination, it is treachery and he's lucky the Great Dane litter mates are so laid back.

Mark away Lil' Pete, mark away you amazing little big dog...

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