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Friday, September 24, 2010

Pet Photo Contest Preview

National Dog Week | Day 6

Pardon Our Tongues
Pet photo contest in progress

While I'm working on our pet photo contest, you better be making the most out of this week. I hope the shelters are about empty by now (I wish). 

I would like to thank my close furiends for their furry "encouraging" comments, nooot! I hear things like:

... I have devoted my Saturday Post to YOU and your tongue contest. Hope you don't mind... a little more ADVERTISING.

...Snikhkering (at me)

...I have been following all the entries for your contest. Hehehe. There are some really wicked awesome photos, but not many of the doggies identified which is their official entry. Ha! ... Welcome to the world of blog contests.

I would like all of you to know  that this teacup chihuahua has no limits! Bring it on! I am on top of the situation and my numerous assistants are too. Thank you all for your lovely entries. Would you like a sneak peek??? Click on the page tab labeled: Show Us Your Tongue. While you're there, please make sure I didn't leave out any furiend. I even included a couple from the rainbow bridge, but I'm not saying which, because I  don't want to influence the voting. I have a few more entries to go, but if you emailed or posted (and sent me your link) as of Thursday evening, you should be able to see your faces, if not, please email me at twinkietinydog (@)

One of the contestant's parents sent me a lovely email I'd like to share with you. The names and locations are not included because I didn't have the author's permision:

***Representing The Center for Animal Health and Welfare (a no kill shelter in ***), here’s formerly homeless [dog's name].  Even though [dog's name] ended up at the shelter through no fault of her own (her family was moving and could not take her…BOO!), she retained her sense of humor.  [dog's name] hopped into the driver’s seat and proceeding to toss me a raspberry when I told her she was not driving us back from an off-site meet and greet.

[Dog's name] was a volunteer favorite due to her sweet nature and once we got her out strutting her stuff at a number of off-site events, she ended up with multiple families wanting to take her home…..she’s no longer homeless!

[Dog's name] would love her “still waiting” furiends to benefit from her tongue!***

I was so touched to see this email! As you already know, I am a rescue dog myself and one of my main missions through my blog is to increase awareness.

Have a lovely rest of the National Dog Week!


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