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Monday, February 22, 2010

A Horse Show | Gold Coast I

The first horse show of the season and we
came to watch 

My sister and The Ringer!

Horse shows are not easy on us
We have to be leashed, it's crowded, and this last weekend it was particularly cold. M decided to try on this jacket without the hood this time. Did she really think I wouldn't recognize it? I decided to take 10 minutes to walk an entire foot. M finally gave up and removed the torture device. 

Frankie wasn't much happier than me either

Even our furiend, Madi, had a rough day
She was strapped to her new sissy, Holly, for training purposes
One blue heeler leading the other . . .

Luckily, a good samaritan with an awesome jacket took pity on me

By the end of the last day of the show, well, we decided to loosen up a little.
Blue heeler training session: Madi training Holly for the FIFA World Cup

See the black and white Chihuahua? 
It's Trixie, from our barn. She really cut loose. She decided to go after Frankie. Physically, the Brat is okay, mentally not so much. She's a sensitive gal and it will take her a while to get over it. I promise I will keep a better eye on my chiweenie sis. 

Looking forward to whatever this week has in store. Aren't you? 


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