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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dachshund Pictures, Part Deux

Due to unforeseen ailments, I felt the need to revisit one of my favorite days at the barn with Dexter the doxie. Not only do these dachshund pictures make me happy, they also make my furiends happy. No dwelling upon the dog vet visit today, just a brief update at the bottom.

Happy playful Dexter the doxie

Petey the doxie, Dexter's brother

Not a doxie
This is Petey and Dexter's brother, Nathan
See the family resemblance between Dexter and Nathan? 

They both love grass and they even share the same hair color
L'Oreal Preference #4.4 Dark Auburn

Fun times between doxie and tea cup chihuahua

Additional chiweenie bonus shot

Friendship is . . .

What the bug!

Dexter's brother, Owen
He used to charge after Linguini
He eventually figured out it wasn't such a good idea

He's adorable
Linguini has forgiven him

Speaking of our Linguini

Linguini's health update: Not the best news to report. She's having more difficulty moving around today. We can't help but wonder how much the dog tumors are affecting her, but at least she's not in pain when she's not moving around. It could be that it's plain arthritis, that geriatric dogs are prone to, since it rained all night long and today she's worse. We're keeping her warm and safe and surrounded by love. Dog vet's orders, not really, M's orders more like it. 


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