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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dog Photo Contest | Election Day


Apparently, the Sporty Dog Category over at Mango Minster 2010 has exceeded all expectations. It is huge! Due to my tiny-ness, I always feel a certain disadvantage. Seriously, what if you can't find me? Therefore, after much deliberation (after seeing the incredible dog photo contest competition), I decided to give you a brief explanation as to why I deserve to win my part of the category. I sure hope Judge Moose swings by here before he is faced with his incredibly hard decision. I also hope he has forgiven my behavior at Key West. It wasn't me, Your Honor. It was the cervezas!

A trip down a good Sporty Dog's memory lane. I, Twinkie Twinkerson, am a good sport because:

I am an amazing guard

I am really tough! Na na nana na!
Catch me if you can, you rottweiler, you...

My feet don't always have to touch the ground

I can ride horses bareback

I can also ride bikes

I am a terrific dancer
This is the tea cup chihuahua dance, if you want to know

I am fully trained if anybody needs any potty training tips

I am funny

I have a great sense of humor

I'm a pawesome stalker

I love my chiweenie sissy

I never give up on a piece of duck,
or any dog treat for that matter

I did put up with this!

I know how to share

Bottom line, I'm just so darn cute!

So, what do you say? Sold?

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