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Monday, February 21, 2011

Gone To The Dogs | Stylish Blogger Award

I'm speechless and, as you know by now, I'm rarely at a loss of words. Okay, so I'll just tell you what happened and I'm so dumbfounded. Most of you bloggers are aware of the pawesome awards we furiends share. One of them is the Stylish Blogger Award which I had never received. To my chagrin, I was just awarded the SBA. Wanna see it?

Stylish, n'est-pas?

I'm shaking my tiny head in devastation now.

The comedians over at doggydays, Benny and Lily, the two french bulldogs, handed the award to my baby bro, Pedrito, the naughty chihuahua puppy!


I feel like I've been PUNKED!

In any case, Pedrito, said he's happy to get his first award and that he'll use it to wipe his "beep" with it.

Unlike Pedro, I shall take the time to honor the rules of the Stylish Blogger Award.

Rule #1
Link back to the blog that awarded Pedro (done)

Rule #2
Share 7 things you may not know about us

1. I can't stand Pedro
2. Frankie, my brindle chiweenie sissy, can't stand Pedro
3. All 7 of our cats can't stand Pedro
4. Yesterday, I went on a short stroll using only my two left legs!!!
5. I'm the organizer of GABE--the annual rocking Global Animal Blogging Event for all critters. Coming SOON!!!
6. I really can't stand Pedro
7. Pedro is not really a dog

Rule #3
Choose 7 blogs I feel to be deserving of this award

Ehem, how exactly? All the blogs I follow are styling! So, to get out of this mega dilemma, I decided to pick a random date and use the top 7 commentators. 

We be styling, furiends!


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