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Sunday, August 15, 2010


All blog-stars feel ignored once in a while. I will demonstrate using pictures, how my pack and the cats spend their days as M works away.

This is M's desk. 
The bodies belong to Bob and Jet, the tailless twin kitties.
They are allowed up there.
Please notice: coffee cup, PetZoom (ultrasonic dog bark control), cherry flavored chapstick (M's addiction), Program (dog flea treatment). 

This is Jet's favorite napping position.
M is sure it's due to Jet's XL tummy.

Bob refuses to grow up. He's a wool sucker because he was never properly weaned.
He prefers it when the shirt he's sucking on is on M.

Max, the maine coon cat, is a loner.
He spends his mornings napping on the Emery Cat Scratch Board on top of the pool table.

Our beloved senior dog likes to be as close to her mistress' feet as possible.

We, the brats, the chiweenie and the teacup chihuahua (moi) love to play bitey-face by M's legs. Sometimes we irritate her so much that she puts us on her lap. 
Hint hint! Dog training tip!

What do you do while your parents work?

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