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Friday, July 22, 2011


As soon as the Great Dane Puppies, Ziggy and Sasha, joined our pack, many of our furiends' pawrents, approached us via email and Facebook, giving us sound advice on raising gentle giants and commenting on the difficulties and potential hazards of raising littermates. Worry not, dear friends.

Photo of the 3 littermates

The "lil' Dane" in the midst is way more attached to the Danes than they are to each other.

These two littermates are inseparable.

When M took the two Great Dane puppies to Santa Barbara, leaving the orange one behind, the lil' one got so depressed that he stopped eating and took to going around the house sighing deeply. 
Lil' Pedrito (a rat-cha), the orange blur, has infiltrated the littermates, creating an even stronger bond with Ziggy than his actual sister.

Sasha puts up stoically with her new littermate, Pedrito, the Orange Great Dane.


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