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Monday, May 31, 2010

Dog Training tips -- With Bonus Whipped Cream

Who stole the dog treats from the cookie jar? Who me? Then who? Well, in a few words, we all did. Thanks to my successful dog training tips, Frankie, the chiweenie, Linguini, the geriatric german shorthaired pointer and dalmatian mix, and I, the tiny three legged teacup chihuahua got to enjoy and devour our favorite human dog treats.

Dog training tip #1
Stoic anticipation
Look pitifully but in a reserved manner at the bipeds' treats
Do not get too close for the humans' comfort

Dog Training Tip #2
While practicing your anticipation technique, try your best to look as pathetic as possible

Dog Training Tip #3
Always wait for your turn

I said, "Wait your turn!"

Now, do you believe me?

Dog training tip #4
Savor every last dollop otherwise next time your bipeds will think you didn't like it much

Every lick counts

Dog Training Tip # 5
Do not gloat!

Follow my tips and you too will be in heaven


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