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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Catnip Effects | Gray Squirrel

Today, I need to address a serious problem. It's about my twin-kat-siblings. I think it's time for an Intervention. The catnip effects are devastating. Let me lay it all out for you.

Nanny cam:
Please pardon the grunt in the middle of the video. Momma couldn't help herself when she realized the catnip mess and exactly what she was shooting. Ha ha.

Photo Evidence
Who stole the catnip from the catnip basket?
Wasn't me!

Wasn't me!

The culprits!

I believe the pictures speak for themselves. To prove my case even further, please allow me to show you the "after" photos.

Help! Is there a Catnip Effects Anonymous that you know about or do I need to do that too? I've been thinking about it (tons of extra time on my paws due to nonstop rainstorm!) and I have an idea for a name for my detox center: Nip/Tox. What do you think? I might get my own TV show this way.

One last thing before I go (this is for you, momma): January 21st was Squirrel appreciation day. I would like to take one moment to post a photo of our gray squirrel. She was a rescue too. She came to us as a newborn and in really bad shape. A friend had rescued her from a grade school play-yard where the children were taking turns tossing her by her tail. Ashley spent the first months of her life inside Momma's exercise bra. She remained my momma's darling until she passed away at the overripe age of nine! (Squirrel's usually don't make it to age six). We remember her all the time, but you have never seen her. Do not feel sad. She sure needed a break. Here's our gay squirrel.

Ashley hanging outside her cage door

That's all for now, folks. Transmission over.

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