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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Suckle Sunday

I spent my day editing videos for my youtube channel, and I thought you might enjoy a few short clips.
How old is too old to nurse?
Jet is three years old, but she still nurses, as does her twin brother. What's up with that?
Chihuawars with Spectator
Music arrangement by Jet and Frankie. Crank it up so you can hear Jet's background song.
Cute Chihuawars aka Chihuahua Wars
Check out the chiweenie's face. She's trying to look cute, even when her fangs are bared.
The Almost Bark Chorus
We're not supposed to bark inside our home, but something always sets me off. My Momma says she doesn't like my voice, so I try to stifle it. If you think that's pathetic, just check out my leg at the end!

A question for you: Does anybody want to guess where our momma was during the filming of those videos?
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