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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Baby Bro For The Rhodesian Ridgeback Sibs

Hear ye, hear ye! Our beauteous and bodacious super-sized rhodie friends, are fostering a new baby brother. I shall temporarily refer to him as Junior--until the rhodies or his forever home decide on his final name.
Before I bombard you with Junior photos, allow me to share some stats with you.

Hank: male rhodesian ridgeback, age 4, weight 95lbs
Sue: female rhodesian ridgeback, age 4, weight 93lbs
Junior: most likely chihuahua, just over 4 weeks, weight 2lbs.

Does anybody else see anything wrong with this picture or is it just me, Twinkie? For the record, I, Twinkie, a 4-pound teacup chihuahua, am really excited to be in the company of somebody who weighs half as much as I do. I hope M adopts him and he becomes mine, all mine. I didn't even dare dream of such possibility, but as I've said over and over in the past, life is good for this rescue dog, and life will be equally good for the new chihuahua rescue, Junior.

With no further ado, I would like to present to you, JUNIOR!

 Junior upon arrival.
A few minutes later, the yellow towel was pooped on.

 Perhaps this is why Junior pooped on his yellow towel.

 He seems to be hard of hearing (BOL)

 He is a good eater and quite polite too. He made sure his ears didn't touch his food. 

 Isn't he adorable?

 I have even more exciting news to share. Junior would like to participate in "Furry Tails", our latest Pet Photo Contest.

 Potential contest entry

 Good luck, Junior, we all welcome you with open arms and hearts!

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