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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Udders | Dog Products | A Review

I noticed on several blogs that many of my furiends had discovered a new type of dog chews. I'm referring to the Udders, the latest dog chews. When I first heard of them, I thought, what a brilliant concept. I couldn't imagine anything going wrong. My furiends were raving about them, so, after an investment of $25.00, we got two hoping they would last my pack a long time. We are all big on dog chews. M got ours from Helping Udders. Once she got to their web site, shopping around for a better price stopped being an option. Helping Udders claims they donate 25% on all udder tug sales and even up to 50% on other stuff. M had arrived! She was going to make a significant purchase of a product pretty much advertised by my furiends, and pick the rescue of o choice to donate to. Brilliant, so far.
The udders finally arrived. They were wrapped neatly and each had a tag hanging from it.

Mom removed the tags, putting them aside, and handed Frankie and me the latest dog chews. I thought they smelled delicious, yet I was not that interested. 

Frankie loves and needs to chew

Frankie loved them

To make this more interesting and to get a more rounded view, M invited Bob to check out the udder, so far nobody we knew had tested them with a cat! Dog product review and cat product review are very useful when one lives in a mixed menagerie household. On to the cat products' review then.


As promised by the website

"The power of eau de bovine was unleashed"

In Bob's nose

So, day one was a success, but M was holding off on Linguini, since she's by far the biggest pack member and has the strongest jaws therefore she demolishes all dog chews so far. 
It is day three now. Linguini has yet to experience them and M is really skeptical of whether any of us will be allowed to hold on to the udders.


Having recently read about Lily's recent Nylabone mishap, M is not feeling like living on the edge. Where is the missing rubber? Luckily, Frankie decided to spit it out and M got rid of it. M is planning of cutting off the skinny part of the udder chew toy and watch us like a hawk again until she declares the chew toy "safe". 
Purposefully, M pulled out the tags to reexamine.

Aha! Nothing is 100% safe

Dog chews wrap up: Udders are neat, udders are cool, but always under supervision!!! Dogs like them, cats like them, but only under supervision. It saddens me to say but our best find in cheweys is still the pizzle, aka bully sticks. It may be costly and we go through it at a fast pace, but it's safer than anything we've ever sampled, rawhide dog chews included. This is my dog product review and you now have all my information to assist you in making a more calculated decision.

* * * 

Last day to enter the event as an active participant with a G.A.B.E. post. As of tomorrow, we just mingle and continue to have fun. Winners of the free giveaways will be announced on April 18 on the active participants' blogs. 


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