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Sunday, March 14, 2010

A USC Horse Show Outing

We did go to the horse show yesterday! We went to watch M's girl-peanut who was competing for USC. It was a beautiful sunny day, a bit on the cold side, but so much fun.

The minute Frankie and I arrived, we became the center of attention--what's new?
We got to play in a vast, overgrown field

We made some new furiends and we invited them to GABE
They are going to ask their mothers for permission

I picked a fight, because I'm ornery

Hear me roar!

We were hanging at the edge of our seat (M) as spectators

On our way back to the car, we visited some more beautiful horses

We didn't really want to go home

But that was only because I didn't know we'd be getting juicy bones when we got back. 

Overall, a most excellent day! Thanks to M's peanut, we got to go out and enjoy ourselves for a change. Did I mention I'm on my way out the door this morning? Um, I'm going to the horse barn! BOL Have a grrreat Sunday!

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