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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Ugly Duckling | Kitten Update

7 mos
Pointed Kitten

Little Gigi was a not-very-attractive kitten. Her head was shaped like a water melon and she appeared to be swollen. Her colors were also rather diluted.

Her development was average, with the exception of her eating habits. She was the first to dip her lil' nose in the milk bowl; the first to eat something other than her mommy's milk. To this day, she's the chubbiest of the kittens and the one that loves food the most.

Gigi does practice proper kitten hygiene.

She's an excellent huntress of artificial mice and usually beats her litter-mates to a toy.

Gigi was, and still is, subjected to the abuse of Pedro, the chihuahua puppy.

She has brown up to be a rather beautiful pointed kitten that does not enjoy human interaction much.

Gigi is momma's girl. She loves to hang around her mommy and be groomed frequently. 

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