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Friday, February 5, 2010

Chiweenie Friday (4)

Hello, lovely furiends. Frankie here. I misseded you. Did you miss me? I have some very exciting news to share with you. My birthday is tomorrow! Too good to be true. I know, Twinkie told you my birthday was a couple of weeks ago, but she was wrong. The dog vet called and set Twinkie and M straight. I get to have a second birthday. M is feeling silly and wants to make up for it. She askeded me what I really wanted to do. She said we have rainy days coming and for my birthday we get to do whatever I wanteded. Almost sounds like a three-birthday year to me. Tee hee.
I asked to go for a hike with my sissies and we had a grrreat time, but Twinkie wants to tell you all about what we did. I am only allowed to say that she was a great older sissy and during our hike she did everything I askeded her to. I am very tired from walking in the cold creeks for almost two hours! I would like to share with you a family video. We can all get comfortable and watch it together, from our homes.
Enjoy the show!

See you furiends later, kk? Stay not cold! Tee hee.
Frankie the teeny chiweenie
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