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Monday, August 16, 2010

Dachshund Pictures | Rescue Dog Murray

Remember Dexter, the dachshund?
He was another of our horse barn's rescue dogs.

Detective Brindle Chiweenie is going to help us investigate.
Watch her sniff for clues.

OMD! It's a Dexter impostor!
No, wait. It's Dexter's new brother, a new among many rescue dogs.

Allow me to introduce you to Murray.
Welcome you lucky fellow.
You've no idea yet as to how awesome your new home is.

Lucky dog, Murray, has a fantastic forever home, with lots of furry siblings, dog food on his plate and frequent trips to our horse barn where he can get his exercise and a variety of dog treats including horse poo. He's going to need to work hard at this socialization skills though, as he's a bit of a biter. He's improving every day!

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