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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve Dog Treats

We were all supposed to stay home, as every pack should on such a potentially LOUD night. All of us (even the felines) are terrified of fireworks. Well, favorite-human-son showed up unexpected (yay) and wanted our momma to accompany him to a party (not so yay). After she made sure there would be no fireworks at the stadium close to our home, she agreed. They were only gone for a couple of hours. We all slept. Frankie was snoring as usual. By the time Momma & Son were back, we were well rested. Momma took us for a stroll under the moonlight and then we were too wired to go to bed. We got to eat sweet potato dog treats she had gotten for us earlier that day, as she cut the special New Year's cake--you know, the one with the coin in it (whoever gets the slice with the coin is predicted to have an especially good year). Our mom got the coin and she actually squealed, as she explained she hadn't won the lucky coin in ages. I'm very happy because I love my mom so much that I want her to always see her happy.
I sincerely hope all of you had as much fun as we did at my home!

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