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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stuffed Dog Toys Are The Best!

I'm baaack. Je suis retourné. I will tell you about my impressions in the next few days. Did you miss me? Yeah, right, I read your comments. That Frankie did a fine job for a brat-pup.

Today I finally have the opportunity to talk to you about my first present ever to arrive by mail. It was from my Frankie furiend, the doxie. Not my sis, the chiweenie, the other Frankie, the nutty one who has the beautiful long furs and is suffering from cabinet fever. Get it?

For me?

First, I looked for the note

Found it. How thoughtful!

I investigated further to make sure I wasn't missing anything
Did you see my new stuffed toy?!

Gunther, Day 1

Gunther, Day 2 (ouchies)

He's Mine!

Thank you very much for the lovely stuffed toy. Frankie Furter. I, we, love it!
Please, keep my guy in your thoughts today. He's having exploratory surgery. 


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