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Friday, April 23, 2010

Chiweenie Friday (15) - Dog Obedience Training

I went to dog obedience training yesterday to learn some new moves and to practice for my AKC Canine Good Citizen test and it went really really well.

This is me, the Chiweenie demonstrating how timid I am generally
Consider this my personal dog training tip

I am rather submissive
This is my furiend, Dexter the Doxie

For a easily frightened dog, like my chiweenie self, the real challenge regarding the Canine Good Citizen test is overcoming my fears (and the fact that for this test mommy is not allowed to use treats). The test is not so hard. I get evaluated on a pass/fail basis. Most items I need to learn are simple. I have to be able to sit/stay, do down/stay, sit politely for petting, allow a stranger to groom me, walk on a loose leash, and sit down on command. No problem. Where dog obedience training gets tough for me is the following training items: walking through a crowd and  reaction to another dog and distractions. Those require a certain amount of bravery I have yet to master. I'll know more next Wednesday the day I take my Canine Good Citizen exam. 

Meanwhile, I have my two sissies to protect me. 

I ask my tiny tea cup chihuahua sissy to fight my battles
btw this is the friendliest blue heeler in the world and her name is Sage

And I hide behind my larger, dalmatian and german shothaired pointer sissy
for protection

Regardless, we all do the best we can in this life and my mommy appreciates it. This is the email we got from my superb and funny and adorable trainer, the fabulous Ms Cyndy Wood.

"Frankie's test is next week but she deserves recognition for completing, and very successfully I might add, the CGC class.  So, with Pomp & Circumstances playing in the background, this is in honor of Frankie's stellar performance as a Canine Good Citizen.
Congratulations to Ms. Frankie and to her able handler!  What a great team you are!"

She even sented me a virtual star!!! I will cherish this email and save it among my most prized possessions. What I haven't mentioned yet is that my trainer is a firm believer in Positive Training for Dogs and Their People. I'm so lucky! Mom loves this philosophy and swears to use it on all dog obedience training from now on. I agree 100%. Thank you Ms Wood and mommy. 

One final word about the Canine Good Citizen exam. There is an automatic failure rule if we, the students, eliminate during testing, we must be marked fail. As you know, chiweenie puppies are not simple to potty train. Puppy potty training is not that easy on most small dogs. If anybody has any potty training tips to share, now is a good time. 

Stay not out of touch and I'll have the exam results next week.

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