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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dog Fence Fighting 101

Do you love to fight? Is dog aggression your thing? Do you relish the sound of your own bark? Don't you just love a safe dog fight? Are you of the opinion that all dogs should be allowed a bit of fence fighting time each day? Then, fellow barking dogs,  you've come to the right blog.  I am here to share with you the best kept fence fighting secrets in the world!

I am going to use our spotted demo dog, Linguini; the one in the red dog collar.

Always bring with you a worthy accomplice or more. 
(Brindle dogs are useful accomplices because they blend in.)

Look carefully for the target of your dog fence fighting.

Look closer.

Nobody to fight, huh?

Graciously retreat with your tail up!

Tip: Fence fighting is way better if you have an opponent. 


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