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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Horse Show Time

Life is a basket of kittens lately, so I was relieved when I heard that we were going to a horse show. I also hadn't seen my barn friends in ages. 

I received the most warm welcome, that included a belly rub

The crazy chiweenie shared carrots with the fun police, the blue heeler, Madi

The chimeanie, Trixie was there too

Frankie had to remain alert after the last chimeanie attack.

 Holly, the blue heeler, wanted to play ball, by herself!

I stayed close to M, after our last dog hiking adventure.
In this photo, I'm on M's lap biting my sissy's paw

Out of the blue, this large gift basket appeared and guess what!
It was full of dog treats and toys! Some of the treats were even homemade dog treats! Yum!

We all got some, although I must say, I was embarrassed by the chiweenie's manners

My main job for the day was to guard the food with my life

I am good at my job

At the end of the horse show, I was rather fatigued. As for the chiweenie, she passed out again. 

I wish every day was horse barn day! 


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