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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dog Strollers | DoggyRide Review

My dogs are tough. They get almost daily exercise and lots of it. We go on long hikes mostly, and, if time or the weather does not allow it, we at least walk in our neighborhood. From the tiniest to the largest of my dogs, this has become a way of life and they all seem to thrive on it.
 I used to look at dog stroller owners as something unique and peculiar. What was wrong with their dog? Did they not want it to get its paws dirty? I was adamant about getting a dog stroller, even though sometimes I couldn't quite manage three dogs on two hands (the hand-shaped dog leash hadn't been invented yet). Having to deal with chronic back issues, I gave in, and three months ago, I purchased the DoggyRide Mini Stroller for my 4-pound teacup chihuahua, and my 10-pound chiweenie. Hallelujah!

I decided on the DoggyRide for the following reasons:

1. It didn't look like a baby stroller. Instead, it looked sporty and utilitarian.
2. Its handle was tall enough for . . . tall people, an invaluable feature.
3. The design was obviously very practical. It has shades, plastic covers, front and rear entry, top ventilation, a large pocket in the back, and large wheels.
4. The handle comes off and can be replaced with a bike kit that easily converts it into a mini trailer you can attach to your bike.
5. It was rather economic compared to other dog strollers.

I take my dogs to horse shows frequently. In the past, I'd have to carry large crates, find shade, if it rained, I also had to find sheltered areas. The DoggyRide took care of all those issues. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, for those who don't own SUVs. It is also light and easy to load in the car.
The dogs, the teacup chihuahua and the chiweenie, both rather spoiled, took to it immediately. I just presented it to them with all doors open and they were ready to explore. I closed the zippers after a few minutes and off we went. Both dogs looked around them suspiciously until we were out of the driveway. After that, they looked ahead taking in their surroundings happy for their moving shelter.
I use the DoggyRide at home too. When we have dog visitors that intimidate my dogs, I bring out the dog stroller. They both jump in and get comfortable, able to stay near the rest of us feeling safe.
After owning a dog stroller for three months, all my hesitations are dismissed. I now only wonder why I didn't invest in a dog stroller sooner.

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