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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chihuahua Photo Tagged--Again

The photo tag is making its rounds apparently, because I've been tagged again. The rules are as follows:
1. Open your first photo folder
2. Scroll down to the tenth photo
3. Post the photo and tell the story behind it
4. Tag 5 more people

Well, since I only have one first photo folder and it still contains the same tenth photo, here's the link to my last Photo Tag

Have a nice day! (jokey-jokey)

On a second and more serious thought, I was glad I got picked to participate again by Zoolatry, the creator of the G.A.B.E. badge, but I had to pick a different photo. I tried to remain true to the principal, so I arbitrarily picked the tenth photo of  my last photo-shoot; an album I hadn't even had a chance to look at. I was excited to find that my tenth photo was the following:

Coincidentally, I counted 10 dogs in this photo
all are dog adoption pups right out of the streets and the animal shelter
I spot lots of chihuahua pups, a couple of blue heeler pups, and a couple of doxie pups

This was taken yesterday morning. It was taken at the barn I'm always talking about. It was so windy that nobody could go riding so instead they played with us. Who is "us" though?  I noticed many of you are confused by all the dog adoption participants. The bipeds are of various backgrounds and ages, but they have one thing in common: They are all for rescuing critters; mostly dogs, but just about anything alive and in need can find at least a foster home through our barn folks. There are many bipeds that ride at our barn, at least 20 and they're all active in not only giving but also finding forever homes. Each biped's home has between two to over ten critters living in their homes. That's how come you see so many adoptions. I can also tell you that for the time being, M is trying to "be good" and help with placements and donations only--let's see how long this will last. 

Let the tagging continue! 
1. Stella & Ali Zophia--I have much to say about these wonderful furiends but I'll do it some other time in detail.
2. Benny and Lily--BOL! You quack me up.  
3. My beloved XXL furiend Darwin, who is so sensitive and caring. I'm thinking of her constantly recently because she's got a booboo and I hope it heals by itself, fast. 
4. The belles over at Houndstooth. You can help them with their fashion quandary when you visit. 
5. The Feisty Three--They're feisty alright and since I'm ornery, we're a good match. 

Every time I post about the multiple dog adoption barn, I want to scream, adopt a dog, adopt a pet, just ... adopt!!!
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