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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday & Sabbatical Cancelled

This is the photo I was originally going to share with you on Wordless Wednesday:

It's me, Twinkie, the teacup chihuahua, enjoying my sabbatical.

Change of plans. 

Before taking my leave of absence, I'd made a prior commitment to post a product review for an eco friendly company I discovered, and since they went through the trouble to mail me some of their products and since they also volunteered to give out not just one but THREE free giveaways, I have no choice but keep my word. 
True indeed, ladies and tramps, I am nuts enough to start yet another pet photo contest. All I ask of you is this:
Show Us Your Ears
Show Us Your Hineys

This will be a combined pet photo contest once again. There will be no links posted on my blog since many of our contestants don't even have a blog. So, what do you say?

Oh, you want to hear about the giveaway! But you know me, I'm a tease and I love a good mystery. Stay tuned. A review and an announcement are coming your way soon. All I can say is that this particular eco friendly product works for mixed "cat dog" households, as for the rest of the pets, fear not, the contest will not only be limited to cats and dogs.

I look forward to your input as I try to figure out a way to make this contest easy and fun for you and me alike.


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