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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pit bull and Labrador Mix | Another Dog Adoption

Sit tight because this one is a super cute pup. Her name is Asha and she's a little under a year. I can't play with her yet, because she went after my furiend Tigger, the chiweenie, who is much stronger than me. Nobody got hurt, but we must be careful.
Asha is most likely a pit bull and labrador mix

Gorgeous? What do you guys think?

I warned you she's too cute 

With brand new pit bull-labrador Asha's arrival, look what we did to Holly (Cookie), the blue heeler old adoption from last month: 

She's a prisoner now. 

That's what we do with the old adoptions. We play with them for a while and then we get tired of them and stick them in a cage together.

OMD you didn't seriously believe me, did you? We were at a horse show and we had to be safe for a change. Besides, had we kept up with our barn shenanigans we may have been kicked out. Even Frankie and I were on leash. Imagine that!

Adopt a dog.
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