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Friday, February 26, 2010

Chiweenie Friday (7)

Hello, furiends! Frankie here. While Twinkie's enjoying herself in Paris, I thought I could share with  you my personal issues with M and what I did yesterday.
[BTW Twinkie said that you guys misseded Tucker yesterday, bottom photo, but then she said something like "let's see if they understand what I have to go through because of my size." She was too distracted trying to locate a curling iron that works in Europe.] This isn't her postie day though, so enough about that. Twinkie's oversensitive at times.

Let's see...

For starters, can you feel the sun shining? Can you? Well we've had terrible weather and we're expecting rain again later today (it's approaching), so I moved my office outside so I could enjoy every minute of this. 

About my M now. I don't always get her. At times, she'll have me in her arms and say things like, "You're such a crazy brat, you so crazy, my chiweenie, you meanie, you adorable poop butt, you lil' stinker ...etc." Meanwhile, she gazes at me adoringly while petting me. What's it mean? Do I need to put her on Rescue Remedy or something?

On top of that, I'm having issues training her. For example, how can I explain to her that when I ask to go outside, I don't mean alone, I mean with her?

I try my most pitiful look as I camp directly outside the door

Sometimes, I lie down in protest

Linguini has tried several times to assist me with the training
by providing excellent dog training tips, but I forget
BTW we're both designer dogs, aren't we cute?

and to be fair, so has Twinkie

This all goes over M's head. Or does it? The last photo was taken by M through the screen door and that makes me suspicious. 

Finally, M decided to be a good M and stepped outside. That's when we all went bananas. 

It was so much fun. 

Except I finally got tired. 

Twinkie wasn't tired yet. 

Oh, well, I found a solution. I went to visit Linguini's favorite couch for some protection and some much needed zzzzzs. 
Let me see you get me now, Twinkie! 

You guys are the bestest for putting up with me, especially the Sibes who probably broke into a sweat as soon as they saw the warm weather.

I just got word that Twinkie has landed safely. Phew! You can find her ici.

See you later furiends, stay not unsafe!

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