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Monday, July 19, 2010


When the temperature jumps up to the triple digits, it's nice to have a furiend with a pool. The other day, it was 103 degrees at my home, when the phone rang. It was my pal, Hank, the rhodesian ridgeback. He and his sister wanted to know if we would like to go over to cool down by his pool and have a kick back.
I jumped at the opportunity. I told the rest of my pack and they loved the thought too. The chiweenie put on her favorite leather collar, the dalmatian mix brushed off her fur (so she wouldn't get the pool full of hair, and I, the teacup chihuahua, went to work on M. She was easy to convince. We were out the door in under five minutes. Thanks, Hanky!

As soon as we arrived, Hank was anxious to show us his pool.

The chiweenie wouldn't go for it.

Linguini, chose a shady spot.

After our swim, Hank tried to spend some alone time.
"Not, today, Hanky boy. I have a headache."

We moved over to the front yard as soon as our furiends told us about Lizzy. We were curious.

Ay ay ay! Chiweenie.
The lizard is to your left! Other left!

The rhodies watched us go after the lizard, from a safe distance.

I thought they were laughing their heads off because of our unsuccessful hunt, but apparently they thought what I was doing was funny.

"Whaat? I'm just leaving you a little memento -- something to remember me by!"

Even the chiweenie understood my gesture. 

Overall, we had the best time! We can't wait for the temperature to rise again!


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