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Thursday, April 14, 2011

PetzOff Blanket | A Product Review

A product review of the Petz Off Blanket, which, according to ads promises to be:

". . . a pet-friendly, esthetically-pleasing solution designed to keep pets off furniture. A proven training tool on one side and a decorator-quality throw on the reverse, PetzOff effectively deters pets from getting on furniture. "

Twink's Comment: Not exactly

 * * *

"PetzOFF™ Saves Furniture
Without Harming Your Pets"

Twink's Comment: Nooot

* * *
"PetzOFF™ is the very first product designed exclusively to protect your furniture and your pets. We know there are days you can’t decide which is more important - your pet or your furniture.
Now you don’t have to choose!"

Twink's Comment: Of course you don't have to choose! What a silly statement. It's always pets first, duh! 

* * *
"When not in use, the attractive fabric side can be draped fashionably over the back of the sofa. "

Twink's Response to this:
 It can also adorn your floors and provide excellent nesting material for rodents.

* * *
"Animal experts have confirmed pets don't like the sound or feel of aluminum foil. "

Twink's take:
But we, the animals, disagree. We have all enjoyed the PetzOff blanket, both cats and dogs!

PetzOff Blanket Review O-ver

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