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Monday, March 8, 2010

Santa Monica Promenade | Not So Sunny California

As I told you yesterday, we were entertaining friends from out of town this past weekend, so M decided, despite all the weather forecast warnings, to take them to the Santa Monica Promenade.
We felt tiny

Especially next to our bro
(see the lady snicker in the back?)

Frankie and I are getting better on the double leash

But sometimes we can pull too hard

See the human straining with the effort to hold us back?

We stopped for coffee and Frankie was convinced that
 I was getting whipping cream behind her back

She finally accepted the lack of whipped cream,
but she was bummed by it
M didn't bring any homemade dog treats either!

M decided that the weather would hold a while longer and her friends should definitely get to see Venice Beach. BOL

It wasn't such a great idea, was it, M?

That's why this is our only photo from Venice
The storm hit fast and hard and we ran for cover

The drive back took forever because both Frankie, the chiweenie, and I were in a hurry to get to our warm home. I was particularly missing my heating pad.

One thing you should know about Frankie,
she always says her prayers before going to sleep

 I was so tired...I simply crashed

I apologize for sounding so exhausted in today's post, but please take into account that I'm still commuting back and forth between Los Angeles and France. Mack and Sally Ann took us all the way to the French Alps where  Asta temporarily took over as our tour guide. We're still having a ball, but with all the travel, time difference, skiing the Alps, jet lag, and that horribly cold walk at Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Promenade ... a pup's gotta rest sometimes. 

Have a great week!


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