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Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Our senior dog, Linguini, the eleven year old dalmatian mix, was adopted when she was a little pup. M had been looking for her lost cat at the Pasadena Humane Society and had to pass by the dog kennels first. She saw Linguini shivering, all by her tiny self, inside an enormous outdoor kennel. It was November; a cold and rainy month. 

M was forced to jump through various bureaucratic hoops in order to adopt Linguini, but it was worth it. Of course, we have not adopted out of that place since. 

 M's peanuts instantly fell in love with this beautiful and sweet doggie.

Linguini grew up with Rosie, our beloved chocolate lab. Soon, she'll be joining Rosie at ... the rainbow bridge. We're trying to get used to the idea. 

Linguini is a sweetheart--an angel of a dog.

 She welcomed me into the family and was always gentle with my tiny sickly self.

Her second favorite thing is going places...

 ... but what she loves the most is FOOD!

Linguini is so sweet-natured, she even put up with Pedrito!

We love our senior spotted dog!
(She enjoyed yesterday's dog hike so much that she forgot about her dog arthritis and even chased after a bunny)


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