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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Himalayan Dog Chew Review

Always on the lookout for the healthiest and safest dog treats, I recently stumbled upon the Himalayan Dog Chew. The Himalayan Dog Chew comes from an ancient recipe of the people of the Himalayas and Nepal, in the mountains surrounding Mt. Everest at more than 15,000 feet. It is made using traditional methods with yak or cow milk. They are all natural with no chemicals or preservatives.
Guaranteed Analysis: crude protein min 52.6%, crude fat min 0.9%, ash max 6.0%, moisture max 10.2%
Ingredients: yak and cow milk, salt, lime juice
NO preservatives and NO additives (Who does not prefer all natural dog treats?)

After reading this, you're probably wondering: Isn't this like hard cheese? Yes it is! What is wrong with that? The milk used in these dog chews is cooked therefore the protein is not in it's raw form and your pooch should have no upset tummy or dog diarrhea.  The salt and fat content is so low that it is negligible. Because of their make up, these dog chews that have been around for 6 years now, are not known to cause any intestinal blockage, unlike other dog chews, as for example rawhide dog chews.

The Himalayan Dog Chew comes in a variety of sizes. I always go up a size. I always give my small dogs larger chews. They are both more economical and safe that way. However, there are many sizes to pick from.

Product list: Himalayan Dog Chew Small (3-5 pieces), Himalayan Dog Chew Medium (1 piece), Himalayan Dog Chew Large (1 piece), and there's the Himalayan Dog Chew Mixed (3 pieces).

I have nothing but positive feedback about the Himalayan Dog Chew. My dogs, that range in size from extra small (teacup chihuahua) to large (dalmatian german shorthaired pointer mix) love it and all spend hours licking and chewing on this pack favorite. Another plus, is that this product is not offensive to the humans. Unlike, bully sticks or pizzle for instance, that reek, the Himalayan Dog Chew does not have an unpleasant odor. It's rather subtle.

I just placed another order for Himalayan Dog Chew treats. I am convinced that it's one of the top choices if not the best dog chew for my pack.


A WARNING AND AN UPDATE (July 2, 2013) Here is a reader's recent comment: just wanted to add, found your site while doing research.. my 7 month old labradoodle is recovering from intestinal blockage surgery after swallowing a chunk of Everest Chew... we have it in a pill bottle as a reminder... I would NEVER feed these to any dog again.. we were very close to losing him... just a warning...

Thank you for your comment! As with all dog treats, chews, toys, even collars, we, your precious pooches NEED supervision. Any and all treats are potential threats if they are the wrong size, or if you do not remove them as they get smaller. Let's use our judgment and get better educated and we can all live happily ever after. Twink!
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