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Friday, April 2, 2010

Chiweenie Friday (12)

Hello, dear furiends! Frankie here.

I'm ba-ack, but first I need to say a couple of things about GABE. No, Twinkie's not making me this time. I just like it and hope I win one of the free giveaways. 
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* * *
Time to talk about dog obedience training and school. I can't thank you enough about your encouraging comments from last week. They helpeded me so much that I relaxed and even did some soul searching. This is what I discovered. 

The source of my fear
Trixie's the one who's been attacking me every time I visit the barn. Trixie's a Chi-meanie and I'm not talking to her ever again. 

A careful analysis of my young soul, as Twinkie puts it, made it clear that I am traumatized. I will not be this way forever though. Now that I know why I'm afraid of small black and white dogs, I can take control. I'm growing up fast after all. 

Not so fast!

My classmates:
This is beautiful and sweet Roxie
I would love to play with her, but she reminds me of a certain Chi-meanie

Adorable, gentle Augie 
He too reminds me of the Chi-meanie

Bright, well-trained handsome Mitch
He's a blue heeler, one of my favorite breeds
He's so well behaved, I shouldn't be afraid of him, but he's also much bigger than I am

As you can see, I was so brave, I even switched chairs

I deserve a tiny drumroll for this next photo

Now look who's being brave! It's me!

Mommy was so pleased with me. She kept huffing and puffing, but I could tell she was proud not so deep deep down. 

I have to run now. I want to visit more Global Animal Blogging Event posts and find out about their free giveaways!!! 


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