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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pet Photo Contest | Cat-O-Lympics?

Did Somebody Say Pet Photo Contest?

My furiend, Huffle, inspired by the Winter Olympics, decided to host his own Olympic event. The event is a pet photo contest, labeled Competitive Napping. To tell you the truth, I'm a bit tired from all the recent pet photo contests, but a napping event? How sweet! I can do this with my eyes closed. The rules are as simple as the task at hand. I need to submit a napping photo anytime between now and midnight Friday. All kitties and pups who think they can nap as kitties are eligible to enter, in Huffle's own words. 
And now, representing Twinkie's blog. Let's have the contestants please.

Our first contestant is a cat-nap (and catnip) veteran. I give you Bob!

Now on to our second contestant. Beware, she is a cat-nap (and catnip) veteran as well.

The next contestant, although not a pro in napping, he's an inept user of catnip, and he's still a force to content with. 

Linguini is one cool cat. I'm just not sure whether the photo I picked is appropriate for a napping contest or a crashing one. 

Last, but of course not least, we have a pair of contestants. Notice how they nap in a complicated formation. Notice the difficulty of the terrain. If that's not Olympic caliber napping, ladies and gentlemen, then I ask you, what is? 

This concludes our pet photo contest entries

As you know, I have the tendency to talk trash to intimidate my competition, so BRING IT ON!

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