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Saturday, October 2, 2010

We LIVESTRONG Today and Every Day

Today is LIVESTRONG Day all around the globe. I, Twinkie, the teacup chihuahua, along with my pack and family are joining our community in support of the fight against cancer. Humans and pets alike have fallen victims to the big C. Most, including my family, have had direct and not so direct encounters. In memory of our lost friends, including the furry ones, and in support of those currently fighting the battle, we're going YELLOW today.

Dress Yellow, think Yellow, post in Yellow! Shout it out and spread the word, 'cause today is LIVESTRONG DAY as it should be every day.

In memory of our friends and our furiends who didn't live to see this day, I urge the rest of us to FIGHT ON!

It is a war, furiends. It's the war closest to home. Support our troops and think positive. Be aware and be thankful. Be proactive!


Proud to participate in LIVESTRONG Day
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