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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dog Tumors On Geriatric Dogs . . . (continued)

We were counting down the minutes to get to the dog vet. M was really worried and the atmosphere was heavy. We got in the car, fully aware this wasn't a fun outing. Geriatric dogs need regular dog vet visits and this wasn't routine. We were about to find out about Linguini's dog fatty tumor that we've been "watching" for about a year now. There's one in particular that had grown in size overnight, causing her to limp, shake, and whine. Poor Linguini's gotten into so much trouble over the years, that she's terribly afraid of the dog vet. 
I don't wanna go!
Prior to this, Linguini had made mom pick her up to load her in the car
(she couldn't get in on her own)

Once we arrived, the dog vet made us wait for over an hour. The chiweenie and the linguini had one last shot at pleading with M.
Can a chiweenie dog's eyes get any bigger?
They gave it their best puppy eyes, but M was unmoved
"Dog tumors are serious and you both need to be checked out"

Then shoot me now
(Oh, we will, you have two shots due)

The dog vet's assistant walked in and ...
Hey, put me down! Wrong dog! 
I have no dog tumors, none. Heelp!

M let him take me away. She even mentioned something about a muzzle. What the pup! I got my nails chopped off. I hate getting my nails messed with. When they're longer they add to my height, its like wearing shoe lifts. 

A few miserable short minutes later, I was back waiting with the praying chiweenie to see what was really wrong with our sister. 

The dog vet giving Linguini a thorough exam

The dog vet checked Linguini out rigorously. They even left Frankie and me in the exam room alone, while they went for a stroll outdoors. They said they wanted to watch Linguini walk, but all I know is that I was left behind. Finally, after typing away at his computer for a while the dog vet, came up with a verdict about Linguini's dog tumors, her discomfort, and her limping. Here it goes. Her musculoskeletal exam was abnormal. While he didn't detect a canine mast cell tumor, he feels that the existing dog tumors are still just fatty and not contributing to her lameness. He suspects some strain or sprain to her right front leg and he prescribed no other than Rimadyl. Yay, doesn't this sound great? Not to us. We're not at all satisfied with the guessing and approximation. We were hoping for concrete answers. Linguini got two shots and was told to cut back on her food intake. Good luck with that M. Linguini is a regular Harry Houdini when it comes to helping herself to edibles. Of course, as far as Linguini the glutton is concerned, Rimadyl equals yummy Greenies Pill Pockets, and she's fine with that! 

Lil' chiweenie went next
She didn't make a peep
She stoically awaited her execution

The verdict: No dog tumors, but indeed her left submandibular lymph node is inflamed. Report or recheck if any changes occur with the size of the lymph nodes. Great, another uncertainty looming over our heads. What is wrong with my sisters? The dog vet added that Frankie's gum coloring is abnormal and M should keep an eye on that too. He didn't flinch when M told him she's basically color blind. 

To sum it up, we are of course relieved not to hear the words "canine mast cell tumor" but we're still concerned. Both Frankie's and Linguini's diagnoses were educated guess work. A year ago, when Linguini developed her first fatty tumor, M lost her mind. Thanks to many of furiends, we now know it's not the end of the world and that Linguini can still have a great quality life with them. A year later, we're still watching... Now we need to keep an eye on the chiweenie too. We're going to have to move on and hope for the best. For now, the most important news is that Linguini was instantly relieved with the Rimadyl and she's clearly in less pain. Frankie is bright and alert and shows not indications of any serious illness. As for me, I have gotten a tad shorter after the nail trimming. 



JacksDad said...

The Rimadyl worked amazing on my last dog. It really seemed to help with joint pain.

Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

Thank dogness that it didn't turn out to be those nasty tumors (we don't even want to say that word cuz it's so nasty!!). Mom says she knows how your Mom feels about not getting a firm diagnosis, she went through the same thing when Lilibell's liver was acting up. We hope that Frankie and Linguini continue to be fine, because we do love them so (and you too Twink!).

Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

Pee Ess...that picture of Linguini in the exam room looks like she had pure evil shooting out from her eyes, BOL!!

Two Pitties in the City said...

We're so glad it's not a bad tumor, though I know it must be hard not to know what it is. You should get the pet insurance for the other pooches. Miss M has tiny kidneys and we had to go to a specialist, costing thousands of dollars, to figure it out, but the pet insurance paid for most of it.

Anonymous said...

i donno about you Twinkle Toes, but i don't like "guesses" when it comes to health... cuz i like you guys. I'd go for another opinion and ask if there are tests to rule out certain diseases. a swollen lymph node is nothing to shrug at.

anyway, i'm glad nothing to worry about instantly. be careful with the Rimadyl. too much can be tough on the liver. use sparingly, like any drug.

wild dingo

My Mind's Eye said...

poor puppies...they were not happy but poor Mom had to be so worried.
We were sending lots of positive thoughts your way. Good news give them all a big hug from us...and thank you for your kind comments to Dad and to the Diva...
Madi and Mom

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

wELL, i GUESS IT IT GOOD NEWS... AND NO NEWS. Typical of going to any doctor I suppose. Keep us posted.
I would be like Wild Dingo... another opinion would be nice.

Anonymous said...

My mom is totally like your mom! She wants answers, darn it. But sometimes there just aren't any. I thinks it's hard for humans to live in the moment and not worry about what might be or what could be or what the future holds. Sometimes it's WAY better to be a dog and haves the abilities to not worry about what's gonna happen tomorrow.

Anyways, I'm very much glad it wasn't bad news and paws crossed that there's nothing at all to worry abouts.

Wiggles & Wags,

PeeS. Sorry about the nail trimming thing.

Remington said...

I am very happy that the news wasn't the BAD news....hope all will go well....

Sketching with Dogs said...

Sending all our love, glad you got some better news this time. Good luck
Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx

Dexter said...

Oh man! That is so frustrating. Yuh, you know it isn't the evil cancer, but something is certainly wrong and having to wait and see is super hard. You were all very brave at the vet, well, maybe except for Twink! Nails done not bad, you know. Just get the food machine going.

Thinking of you all.


Anonymous said...

I agree that you should get another opinion. There is no way I would take guesses as answers. My vet aspirates every tumor even if she thinks it's fatty & she performs every possible test to find answers.

BRUTUS said...

Yes, this is all too familiar to us here. Mason is full of fatty tumors. Had several removed/biopsied a few years ago, came back infiltrative lipomas (benign/non-metastatic, but can be locally invasive). These is one inside Mason's left hock that's bigger than a golf ball now - just too tied up in tendons to remove & wouldn't heal unless they immobilized his leg (i.e. a cast). No thanks! I can understand wanting a definitive diagnosis as opposed to "keepin an eye on". If you really think Linguini's tumor suddenly grew, perhaps a 2nd opinion is in order? We'll keep you all in our thoughts - it's no fun getting old!

Michelle & Brutus

3 doxies said...

Well Twink I very sorry thats you lost some height today. Buts my mum says that your mom is one heck of a brave lady to be taking 3 doggies to da vet. My mum takes us all SEPERATE...I'm not real sure why though.
Ok...I can only go by our experience with Whitney when we found her tumor. It was found on WED and we took her in immediately and they said it did look cancerous. Whitney was suppose to have it removed the next week but our vet called the very next day and said to bring her in and he would go ahead and do the surgery. We were fortunate that it came back bengin...however, I was under the impression that you won't or can't get a true anwer without actually going in. But hey what do I know.
Puddles and mum

kissa-bull said...

oh twinkie we are inmmensly releived to hear these news , we were furry worried all last night. we prayed furry hard for linguini and frankie and thank dogness st francis heard our prayers. please to give your sissies most slobbery sugary ksses from the pack.

happy relieved pibble wiggles
the pittie pack

kks said...

oh Twink, that is such wonderful news! Mast cell tumors are the worst...they look little and benign, but have crawling tentacles deep into the tissue, that are a bitch to remove!
what? no blood work on the little one?
glad the big one doesn't need surgery...but make sure you report to mom if his poop is dark colored and tell her to stop the medication, rimadyl can be nasty on the gut!
great news! what a relief...

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

We were happy to not hear those icky tumor words too...But we are sending your mama lots of hugs cause it is NO FUN not to know what is wrong with your babies...

Dory and Bilbo

Pat Wahler said...

The worries just go on and on, don't they? I will keep good thoughts going that things stay benign. I wonder about glucosamine & chondroiten for Linguini. After Indy's experience with Rimadyl, it makes me very nervous! Granted he has autoimmune issues, but still...

Sagira said...

Sounds like you came home with really good news today then. No tumors!

And my daddy is going to love you guys. He also shoots with a Nikon. What kind do you have? :)

houndstooth said...

None of you look too happy in those pictures! I'm glad that there wasn't any bad news.

Mom says to tell M to be careful with the Rimidyl. It's great stuff, but some dogs have a bad reaction to it. Sometimes dogs can make a muscle injury worse, too, if they can't feel a little bit of pain when they overdo something.

If you're not satisfied with what your vet found, you can always get another opinion, too!


Sally Ann and Andy said...

Mack has used Ridiyal and Deramax for ages. They work really well. If y'all really want to get another opinion, try the vet school. In GA, the vet school at UGA is where doggies who are doing really badly and shortly going to live with Jesus. They have saved many dogs there. One of my parent's friends beloved pet cat spent two days, at a cost of $5,000.00 She is alive now, and she is recovering now. That might be an option, if y'all can't figure out something. It might help.
Sally Ann and Her Mommy

the booker man said...

miss twinkie,
i'm so happy that there was no bad news for your sissies! YAY!!
okie dokie, now my mama is gonna take over --
if you are still worried, it can't hurt to get a second opinion. the only sure way to know what kind of tumor it is is to biopsy it. from past experience, if the tumor even looks remotely scary, the vet will usually take it off asap. asa had a tumor appear on her back, and it grew very quickly. i took her to the vet, and the vet was pretty sure it was benign. however, just in case, asa had surgery like 2 days later. it wound up being a histiocytoma (benign tumor).
the booker man (and his mama)

Oreo said...

It drives my mom nuts when she cant find out the exact answers right then. Least there were no bad tumors and they have meds to help. We hope that they both will be ok. And twink, sorry bout those toenails, what was mom thinking??


Deborah said...

Twinkie, Too bad about your nail cutting and making you shorter and all. Anywho, Ariel had her fatty tumor removed because our vet said that they can grow sooooo big you can't close the hole back up and they can grow internally. Ariels was very large and we watched it for a few we took it off and she has been fine ever since. That was before we were blogging, so a couple of years ago. I hope her lameness gets better, the Rimadyl will work wonders I hope! Have a great day!

brooke said...

long nails are like your high heels!

So glad to hear its not a mast cell tumor, but ugh how annoying, no definitive answers. That's exactly what we're doing with Dar. Treating her for "possible meningitis". Annoying.
Good luck with the Rimadyl. It made Dar have diarrhea and she got taken off it.

Ina in Alaska said...

Dear Sweet Little Twinky, Frankie and Linguine, I am so sorry for your troubles. I was sad you all had to wait for one scary HOUR to see your vet. To me that would not be acceptable. Sorry. I agree with KKS that blood work should have been done and no guestimates! I would go elsewhere I am sure you sweet babies will be fine but I was sad about the way you were treated by your vet clinic. Just saying. xoxoxo

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

We are sorry woo don't feel khomfurtable with the findings -

At this point, a sekhond opinion would seem prudent -

We read many good things about Rimadyl but with the same khaution - liver damage - but in an already mature dog, the benefits usually outweigh the khautions -

Paws khrossed fur relief fur all - M inkluded!


Lorenza said...

You did not get the answers you wanted to hear but sure is great to know it is not mast cell tumor!
I hope everything is going to be ok!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Twinkie... now your know how I feel about the nail-less thing!

Lola and also Franklin, too said...

I'm sorry you weren't able to get the clear answers you were hoping for, but it sounds like things are not too bad right now, if I'm understanding correctly. And right now is all any of us can really count on, right? I hope that things turn out well for the longer term, too, though.

wags, Lola

Unknown said...

I had to come back and see how Linguini and Frankie did at the vet. Better news than expected but I'm with you. I always find veterinary tx and diagnosis to be educated guesses unless you want to spend $5000 on testing. Hmm nickname tumor girl- I just think she grew a gnocchi on her linguini self.


Maxmom said...

We understand the agony of waiting and not knowing only too well. Glad the first news is good...!
Sending warm, healing wishes to both of them!
Take care and thanks for sharing!

the magic sleigh said...

Woooos! I see woo had a lot of comments about the Rimadyl, so I won't bother. Definitely look into glucosamine and chondroiten. Mom had our last doggie on it for 6 years, she passed at 16! It really helped her, and Mom is started me on it last month as I am almost 10! It takes about a month to see its benefits but she will be putting all of her dogs of a certain age on it to prevent problems. Even human grandma takes it every day!
Bummer about the muzzle and the nail cuts....
~husky kisses~
-Kira The BeaWootiful

The Oceanside Animals said...

Yay for no mast cell tumors, but boo for not-really-sure-what-it-is. Hope you get relief from the treatments!

Peggy y Mhathy said...

Thanks God the news are good. Take care, love. Peggy

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Oh Twink, we are hoping the medicine works fur Linguini. We don't have any experience wiff it.
Sending lots of love and prayers your way...


Paco,Milo, Maya and mommy Simona said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Twinkie and family....
we're soooooooooooooooo happy reading the Vet news about your sissies!!!!!!!!
We're dancing for you!!!!!!
We know your mommy is still worried.....But she have to think her girls are ok now and that's the great news!!!!!!!!!!
But if she wants she can gets a second opinion to be a little more quiet!!!!!!!!
Sure we'll keep your sis and you in our prayers and thoughts everyday!!!!!
You're very very important for us!!!
Your photos are great and we love love love Frankie and Linguini's eyes......sooooooooooooooooo adorable....
we would love to be there and give you tons of sweet kisses and huge hugs!!!
Keep us posted if you can ok????
WE LOVE YOU dear dear friends!!!!!
And thabk you a lot for your sweet email to our mommy about Paco!!!
We're very lucky to have you in our life!!!!!!!!!
Take care of you guys!!!!
Sweet kisses and licks!!!

Oskar said...

Even though it's not conclusive it sounds like pretty good news!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We are a little late getting here, but for what it's worth, we think a second opinion isn't a bad idea. It sounds like you left there with lots more questions than answers. It is great that there is no mast cell, but couldn't they tell anything from a biopsy about what it is? Sorry, don't mean to sound so harsh, but sometimes we get so upset with vague answers. We went through a lot of that with Dakota for way too long.

Hope the rimadyl helps, but once again, it isn't something to use long term without careful monitoring of the liver.
Woos = Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Taffy said...

Hi Girls! I was just catching up on your posts. Sorry to hear about whats been going on. We have no advice but we can give you some encouragement. You know we luv you guys!
A couple of things to keep in mind:
-Vets have lots of experience with these type of things and even though it is an educated least it is educated, right? You said you really liked him and you have to trust that he is doing the best for your sisters.
-Humans are taught to want answers now and there are a lot of tests that are done on humans to get those answers. Unfortunately, vetinary medicine doesn't provide all the same tools as human medicine does but the docs do the best they can with the tools they have.
I don't know if that helps at all but can you tell my mom has been through this more than once? I seriously almost died a few years ago and mom and dad had to learn to trust the experts.
We are here if you need to blow off some steam and will be waiting for updates.
Sending lots of healing doxie sun rays your way.
Hugs and loves,
Twix and Mom

Smushie Ranch said...

Twink, we know how it can be for your mom to be frustrated. Our mom likes concrete answers too when it comes to our health. As much as she loves our doc., if something doesn't sit right she'll seek out a second opinion just for her own peace of mind.

But, the doc is right about the fatty tumors, they usually don't cause any problems. Ms. Linguini should be just fine.

Stella, Gunther and Betty

Ruby and Penny said...

We're glad that the big "C" word was not mentioned.
Penny has quite a large fatty tumor on her back, betwen her shoulders that we have to watch.
Hope the medicine helps Linguini.
Love Ruby & Penny

ocmist said...

Only people who really love animals go through everything it takes to become a vet and Grammy says that she feels that they do make best educated guesses they can since unlike humans, we can't tell them everything we feel. It is so scary for our people, while we just live day to day and don't stress about the things we can't do anything about.

Grammy used MSM, Glucosamine & Chondroitin for several years for me after I got hurt by that goat that crunched my hips, and about a year ago, she started using Dr. Frank's Joint Pain Relief that had worked really well for a friend's older dog. It has really helped me, though I do have a condition that will steadily worsen. She says it has given her another year with me so far... I'm glad because I really love her, and I know she really loves me! OC

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

we are new to y'all, and have been mia from blogging so much, but were making the rounds(slowly) on the DWB pups with tests/illnesses, etc. We are very glad ya'll are aok.
We are a 12 yr old chihuahua, Scooter and a Standard poodle Sunny 8 yrs old(We had a new brother that we had to help to the bridge april 12 and he wasn't even 9 month ols. He was gonna be mom's new service dog-sigh-)
Anyway, glad y'all are doing good!
Scooter wants to know if Twinkie has a boyfriend........ He is very young at heart and loves everyone(ok, he made me ask)
Hope we become friends. Mom has gots lots going on and has no idea how so many folks visit so much!!

Anonymous said...

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