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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dog Obedience Training and How to Potty Train a Puppy

An Unconventional Long Weekend

Mom was indeed gone all weekend to attend some USC event. She left Saturday night and didn't come home 'till yesterday. I had a great time because I do love our sitter even though she takes us for walks instead of hikes. The weather was cold and Frankie, the chiweenie, and I, the tea cup chihuahua, didn't want to go out often, which meant that Frankie had a "few" accidents. Anybody that knows how to potty train a puppy, please speak up. We stayed inside, bundled up and visited with our sitter who gave us nice treats and let all of us sleep with her at night. Meanwhile, our mother was out of control. I asked her to post my blog several times, but she was too excited about her firstborn and some USC athletic event he was participating in and ignored me. I can't quite blame her, being so happy for her son, but how could she forget I'm not tall enough to get up on our computer desk? She didn't even bother setting up my ramp.

Then, when she finally got back from the USC water polo finals, she had to take care of her daughter who got very ill during their trip. I missed my mom and couldn't wait for her to pay attention to me, but my human sister was so sick, I just had to be understanding. She's better already; she's recovering.

Finally, I figured it was my turn and got real excited. I started hopping around Mom trying to catch her attention, but she was in a rush again. She had to take Frankie to dog obedience training. What on earth does Mom think? Does she think that Frankie's some kind of genius who will learn a bunch of commands? I doubt that, but I'll keep you updated on my sissy's progress. OMD! This should be fun.
Frankie after dog obedience training

After class, at last, I got my mom back. It was sweet. She apologized for not paying more attention to me and after spending quality time together and a lovely meal of kibble mixed with my favorite chicken soup, she set me up at the computer. I guess we'll figure out how to potty train a puppy soon. If we're lucky, the dog obedience training will make our chiweenie more disciplined on all respects. is good.



Sketching with Dogs said...

Mums are very busy creatures Twink, we are lucky to get 16 hours attention a day from ours!
Glad to hear your human sister is feeling better.
That is the most hilarious picture of Frankie, what a position!
Mum is trying to teach Elliot to go outside to do business but he keeps running back in to use his pee pad, haha.
Wags and kisses, Dinah Bridget and Elliot

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Twinkie!! You were missed!!! Next time you get wind of your mom leaving town, schedule a few posts ahead of time. That's what your bud Mabel does when she high-jacks my computer!!! We miss you!!!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Hi Twinkie,

It sounds like your Mom has her hands full - be nice and she will find more time for you soon.

Frankie looks quite relaxed there.

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

Dexter said...

Not sure what Frankie is learning in school, but it looks painful. My dumb brother goes to good dog attention school without me. Kind of makes me mad.

Hope your sissy is better soon.


Ms. ~K said...

You need to help Frankie...looks like he's melting into the chair!
Hugs to your Mom. she's had a full plate!

Smushie Ranch said...

Your poor momma has her hands full! And by the looks of it, Frankie ain't much help... BOL!

Stella & Gunther

Unknown said...

OMD! I got the funniest comments. You guys sure are fun. Here I was, thinking this weekend would leave me traumatized and instead you got me laughing too.

ocmist said...

Frankie sleeps exactly the way my brother, BG sleeps in Dad's recliner! It is so weird... looks like he will fall on his head! Mom says it's a wonder he doesn't wake up with a headache.

Poor Twinkie... I HATE it when my Dad doesn't pay enough attention to ME! I love my pup, Mercy, that he decided to keep, but I Hate having to share his attention with her! I guess we just have to wait our turn when the humans are busy, but it's not much fun, is it?! Dott

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