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Friday, August 27, 2010

Dog Treat Review (Yay): Yöghund (Slurp)

Yöghund, because it feels good. Yöghund, makes hair grow on your dog's chest. Yöghund, once you start licking it, you can't stop... You have entered the yöghund zone. How do you get out? You don't until the last little bit of your yöghund is consumed.

 Making every yöghund lick count!

The other day, another humid scorcher in Los Angeles, my pack and I did a lot of panting. We lounged, panted, and lounged some more. We were miserable. Our human is not an a/c fan. I, the hypothermic teacup chihuahua, couldn't even use my heating pad, that's how hot it was. My tongue was sticking out, as I waited for the temperature to drop and dreamt of small dog treats. When a friend of M's came by and suggested we all go for yöghund, we didn't know what we were in for. 

We were in for the best dog treat of our lives!

You can tell we loved our dog treats. During our taste test, yöghund got a raving 10 out of 10, but what is yöghund and how safe is it for dogs? It is an organic treat loaded with nutrients. Yöghund is also low on calories so that even those fighting dog obesity can enjoy without guilt. I believe there are three yöghund flavors in the market: Organic Banana and Peanut Butter, Organic Blueberry and Vanilla Bean, Natural Peanut Butter and Papaya, and  Natural Apple and Cheddar. Yöghund is real yogurt. It is produced by the fermentation of organic, low-fat milk containing live bacterial cultures (probiotics), known to aid the digestive and the immune system while helping with nutrient absorption. The Banana and Peanut Butter yöghund recipe contains potassium rich bananas, also a great source of  inulin, along with rich in antioxidants and flavor peanuts. The Blueberry and Vanilla Bean recipe includes all the antioxidants and vitamins found in the vanilla beans and the blueberries. 

Yöghund is a healthy dog treat alternative for the health and fitness conscious.

Yöghund also comes with the TBD Brands guarantee: If you or your dog are not completely satisfied with your order, we will gladly replace your order or refund your money. You can find this on the yöghund website along with a store locator, so you can run out and get your own yöghund! 

I said, get your own yöghund!

Yöghund is to be enjoyed by small dogs and large ones too. It's the perfect summertime treat because it's healthy and delicious. There's only one negative thing I have to say about yöghund: 

It's finished.

Still here? Go get your own yöghund, you can stop by and thank me later.



Remington said...

I have never tried that. Looks good! I will have to put my Sherlock Holmes hat on and go and search for some!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Never heard of it, but we see a store pretty close to us carries it. Mom says maybe, just maybe Phantom will like it. No doubt whatsoever with TD and Ciara. Thanks for the review and the idea.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

pam said...

Sadly the closest store that carries it is too far. We make due with Frosty Paws and mommy makes homemade frosty paws too, yummmmm!

Bobo and Meja

JacksDad said...

The place near me that carried it is gone :(

I'll just have to imagine how it tastes! :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant web site, I hadn't come across earlier in my searches!
Continue the wonderful work!

Oskar said...

I will ask my personal assistants to look for some of these for me!


Bijou said...

Hi Twink,

Thanks for teasing me with pictures of you doggies eating that nummy treat. I don't think my hooman likes yogurt so we prolly won't get any of this either.


Molly the Airedale said...

We're going to send mom looking for this stuff! yummmmmmmmmmmm

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Sagira said...

That looks yummy! Hey...we saw you on the Trupanion site. I was like hey that is my friend!

Poochsmoocher said...

Dear Twinkie, your kind words of praise just made my day! My name is Pam and I work with the rest of the Yoghund team here in Exeter, NH. (Really, I'm telling the truth.) The pics are pure joy--especially yours, Twinkie--you're a looker. You know what? I bet your insides are beautiful, too--especially if you enjoy Yoghund regularly. Hooray for Yoghund's probiotics--all 5 billion of them.

I'm sorry that some of your readers can't find Yoghund in their local stores. I'm working very hard to change that. Keep asking for us--believe it or not, that really helps!

Hey, please tell me if you need coupons! And thank you for being so nice, Twink.

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