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Friday, October 1, 2010

Dog Supplements For Our Senior Dog

Another emergency visit to the dog vet with our eleven-year-old sick dog. During the weekend, our senior dog, a dalmatian mix that weighs 64lbs, started to limp visibly and at times had difficulty getting up. After a thorough examination, I left the vet's with a $270 bill and an order to go get more dog supplements. Let me break it down.

Our senior dog developed her first of multiple dog tumors and started limping noticeably almost a year ago. I, the mom and owner, got all depressed and preparing obsessively for her trip to the rainbow bridge. I was so wrong. I lack experience in older dogs, that was all. The vet biopsied the tumor, declared it benign and asked me to put her on dog supplements, primarily dog glucosamine. I started her on those immediately and the change happened equally fast. I got my dog back. I was warned that there would be more tumors and not to worry so much. That came true. As for the supplements, I started her out on K-9 Liquid Health with glucosamine and MSM and when she "leveled" out I tried the Petco Joint Support III tablets. The switch gave her another boost. I plan to keep alternating her supplements about once a year.

Last weekend, while the vet's office was closed, my senior dog got worse than last time. She seemed unable to hold herself up. I waited patiently for my own vet because I don't trust the emergency clinic as much. I also gave her rimadyl that I had asked the vet to provide me with for emergencies.

Monday morning, we were at the vet's. Within a few minutes of our visit, the vet had a diagnosis ready. This wasn't a relapse. It wasn't even associated to the newly emerged tumors. The vet pulled a one inch piece of stick out of the front paw of my not really sick dog! But I had already checked my dog out meticulously! I hadn't missed it. It had simply pushed itself out, rejected by the dog's body, on that morning. The vet prescribed antibiotics for the affected area that was slightly pussy and swollen and proceeded to do a general exam. It is really important for older dogs to be seen by their vet regularly.

The vet was satisfied with my senior dog food choice. I have her on Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food, Fish and Sweet Potato Recipe because of the main ingredients that even a human would consume. She was also happy to hear about the dog supplements, but she said I was missing one important dog supplement: omega-3 fatty acids. For my dog of 64lbs, the vet was very specific; the recommended dosage for a dog of that size is 500mg. My vet stressed the importance of omega-3 fatty acids for older dogs. A series of studies published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA) has shed light on the benefits derived by this supplement for dogs with osteoarthritis. I suppose everyone knows that an eleven year old is definitely afflicted by dog arthritis. While dog arthritis does not mean sick dog, it does mean special care.

The special care of an older dog suffering from arthritis is simple: keep the weight down (overweight dogs suffer more), consistent and regular exercise, dog glucosamine, and now omega-3 has been added to the list, along with a good quality dog food, not necessarily a specific senior dog food.

Once again, a couple of short days after the emergency dog vet visit, I see my spotted senior dog happily running around. Tomorrow I will start her again on her usual exercise regiment.



♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We pups really know how to keep our humans on their toes, don't we? Sorry to hear of Linguini's latest issue, but at least it was manageable one. Thanks for the info on the Omegas, now if we can figure out how to get them into our picky almost 12 year old:(

Hoping you all have a good weekend.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Joyce said...

I hope your little pup is resting. I know Linguini is getting lost of TLC.

Reading this post had me think of our pups that have crossed over the rainbow. My husband did alot of research on his own and then would talk it over with the vet so our pups were as comfortable as possible.

I'm sending you hugs and kissed. I hope you all will be able to enjoy your weekend. xo

Sagira said... is always hard to try to help our seniors through the senior years.

Lola and also Franklin, too said...

I never got to comment. Something happened, can't remember what. But we thought your advice on allergies was wonderful and so it is this. I am, of course, not a senior yet, but i could become one at any moment. I hope that Linguini's paw is all better and not sore at all.

lotsa licks, Lola

Kate said...

Phewy! At least the spotty one is on the straight and narrow now!

Droopy, Smiley, and Kayah said...

Sounds like you had a crazy day like Momma and I did! Thanks for the info about supplements cause Momma has been talking about putting me on some and isn't sure on where to start.

Feel better Linguini!!!!!!!

Lots of slobber,

Doris Sturm said...

You are a very good doggy guardian and parent. My Gizzy will be 13 on the 11th of Nov. and he was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure (something that's common in Pekes) he's on Vasotec and we both now take our meds faithfully every morning and every night. His bloodwoork looked great and next Tuesday he's scheduled for a dental because dogs with a compromised heart should never have bad/dirty teeth - that goes into the bloodstream and right into their hearts.

He's growing moles and lumps too and while he's anesthesized, I'm asking the Vet to snip a couple off to see what it is.

I don't know what I would do if it were malignant, because I do not want to put my old dog through chemo and/or radiation, even if I did have the money to pay those costs - to me it doesn't seem right to make a dog suffer so.

You seem to have things under control and having a good Vet to communicate with is super important!

Gizzy's on senior diet also and since he's only 10 lbs and has 3" legs, arthritis has not yet been an issue...he is also not allowed to jump up or down of furniture (not that he ocould if he tried) and I have always assisted or carried him with steps and such...he actaully sits at the edge of the sofa and looks for me as if to say: "OK, I'm ready to get off this thing now - you can help me now if you will..."

Have a wonderful day and bless you and your loved-ones (pets.)

With Love,
Doris and Gizzy

Dexter said...

How the heck did that happen? What a scare! Linguini!


P.S, I wanted to comment on Twinkie and the BT but couldn't find the button. Anyway, all I can say is Twinkie is one tough customer.

Draco and his Mom said...

Glad your vet visit was a pretty happy one...better a huge splinter than progression of a icky disease.
Thanks for the supplement info...I have been thinking of glucosamine for Draco because of his luxating patella.

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