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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Winners Are . . .

Insane Cracker Dog Category

The Results Are In

Congratulations to ALL mentally disordered participants. 

My judging experience was rather satisfactory. I'd like to thank my pal, the Relentlessly Huge, for granting me the opportunity to amass lots of wealth and dog treats. I have estimated that at my weight, it'll take me several years to eat them all. I'm a bit bummed that I've already put on an entire ounce, but I'm planning on going on more dog hikes in the future because I like them.

3rd place CHARLIE

Yours was the most noteworthy bribery post. I was particularly moved by his song and bark. Charlie, don't be discouraged by the competition results. You should be proud and grateful that you have me as your new friend for life, just for sitting on my imbecile chihuahua bro, Pedrito. A job well done, Charlie!

2nd place LACIE

Both for a fantastic entry that met all conditions and for sending me on a virtual date with the love of my life. I forgive you about the gender confusion issue.


Congratulations on a wholesome post that totally supports your decision to enter the Cracker Dog Category. You made your lil' bro and the rest of your family proud. Feel free to send to my home address some of the money you got from your side job. Run, Mischka, run!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu einem gesunden Post, die total unterstützt Ihre Entscheidung, den Cracker Dog Kategorie eingeben. Du hast deinen kleinen Bruder und dem Rest der Familie stolz. Fühlen Sie sich frei an meine Privatadresse schicken einen Teil des Geldes Sie von Ihrer Seite Job bekam. Ausführen, Mischka, lauf!

The most important part of the competition is next.
Stay tuned for Best in Show coming as soon as the DOH gets it together.
Judge Twink


♥ Sallie said...

Yay! Congrats to the winners!

See you at our Valentine's Weekend Blog Party!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

That GaGa Lady has NOTHING on you girrrrl!!!!

Oskar said...

Hooray for the winners, which do not include me, *sigh*.

Maybe next year will be my year!

Nubbin wiggles,

Julia Williams said...

Congrats to the winners!

Molly the Airedale said...

Congratulations to the winners!
It looks like Mischka is racing home to give Hoover the great news!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Unknown said...

Congrats to da Crackers!!!

The Daily Pip said...

So exciting!!!! Congrats to the winners.

Your pal, Pip

Lorenza said...

You chose pawesome outfits for the judging thing!
Congratulations to the winners!
Kisses and hugs

Diana Chiew said...

Hahaha....congratulations to all the winners!! Which means you are INSANE and CRACKER!! Hey, Mummy, I told you I am NOT a cracker dog!!!

- Minnie

Dexter said...

That outfit made me do a duck and cover on my nards for sure.


Pepsi the Lazy Bum said...

Great judging!


Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh Twinkie aren't you chillyin that outfit?
Benny & Lily

The Boston Lady said...

Congrats to the deserving winners! It gives us something to aspire to in the future! We loved reading all the posts and had so much fun participating.... Sadie and Ann TBL

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Ye gads! That last photo was conspicuously absent from the official MM blogsite! Lady GaGa my sweet a$% -- you clearly share a costumer with Cher [who is a classier act].

Judge Twinkie, it has been a professional challenge and a personal pleasure to be affiliated with Mango Minster during your remarkable tenure on the Bench. Abby can honestly say you have been a Judge without parallel in her experience. And now that MM-2011 is over, we can reveal that we have actually ordered your book from and are looking forward to reading more about you.

Jed and Abby, L.B.E., etc.

Anonymous said...

Bob Mackie would SOOOOO prefer you in his get-ups over that silly singer!
I was totally stressing about how to send cheese from here to the winner in the US but now i can practically WALK to give it to Mishka! And I didn't even bribe you!

great judging twink! enjoy all those foodables in the years to come. maybe you can use them as, ahem, bribes in some other capacity!

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