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Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Family Member Introduction

It's A Boy!
I just recently got a new baby bro. His name is Noble and he's six years old. He's a thoroughbred and he's approximately 16.1 hands tall. 

Noble is in training to become a jumper
He's already clearing 4.9 by a foot.

Noble is training my sissy how to. . .
You get the picture.

As soon as my sissy trains him a bit better, I'm going to resume my riding lessons at the barn. 

Welcome to our family, Noble!



Lucy-Fur, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

Heehee! Twinkie! We LOVE your riding picture! (Although where's your helmet?!?) I bet you're one of those three-day-eventing kind of riders, huh? Noble is beautiful, BTW!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

bbes tribe said...

Noble is VERY handsome. You look good riding up there BUT you should have a helmet. Our M saw some specially for little dogs to protect their heads... Very cute.

Achieve1dream said...

That's awesome! Congrats! Noble is absolutely gorgeous.

Asta said...

Youw Bwuvvew Noble is vewy handsome and I'm so glad you'll be able to take youw widing lessons.
I can't wait to see you jump
smoochie kisses

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We don't know much about horses at all except that they are very big dogs. But Noble is beautiful. Good luck to Sissy.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Clive said...

What a great new member of the family!

A beautiful horse and we wish your Sissy all the very best with her jumping! Great photos and you are so brave up in the saddle - Twinkie - we're very impressed!

take care
Clive and Murray

Two French Bulldogs said...

Noble sure is a beauty. Where is your helmet Twinkie
Benny & Lily

Oskar said...

Wow what a very handsome addition to your family. You look great riding him!

Nubbin wiggles,

Unknown said...

Wow my dogs and I know nothing about horses but he is so handsome!! Great pictures and we just love the one of oyu riding, too cool!!

Pup Fan said...

Welcome to the family, Noble! Guess you should call him a baby bro instead of a little one though. :)

Heather and Pumpkin said...

Oh Twinkie you are so lucky! I have been begging Mommy for a mini-horse, but she said his hoofs would scratch the floor of the condo.


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