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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Great Dane Puppies | Pictures | Note From Twinkie

Dearest furiends and friends,

Life at the Twinkersons has been terribly hectic since the gentle giants arrived. Everything is A-okay. I, the tiny chihuahua, am still in control. I may weight only 4lbs and have only 3 good legs, but I mean business and the Great Dane Puppies have been "informed".

You can see me in action here, supervising the pack.

My sister Linguini, the senior spotted dog, is doing well. She gets along with the Great Dane puppies although she hasn't really warmed up to them. She was never one to engage with other dogs. She loves humans more. The most important thing is that she is as healthy as any dog her age and size can be.
My other sister, Frankie, the brindle chiweenie, is doing really well too. She's appreciating the fact that our devilish chihuahua puppy bro, Pedrito, is busy with the danes. She gets along with everyone and enjoys the increased one on one time M is putting in all of us these days (she wants us all to feel loved and not to worry about being dethroned by the new puppies).
My brother Pedro, the incredibly naughty 9 month old chihuahua puppy is having the time of his life. He is in love with both Danes and shows it. He has become adorable and obedient overnight. He is in charge of the Great Dane puppies. He watches over them, leads them around the yard, drags his toys in front of them to get them to engage . . . M tells everyone about his change with teary eyes! As for me, I've got tears of joy in mine. He's finally left me alone! The pressure's off thanks to our new pack members.

 Pedro is having a chat with his Great Danes.

Pedro is watching over his puppies as they sleep.

The seven cats have their own issues to worry about and the presence of the Great Dane puppies hasn't made a big difference in their lives. The cats are mostly indifferent to the gentle oversized pups.

M is working overtime doing what she always did, but the addition of the puppies and the fact that she's back in school have added a bit of stress to her life. It's okay though because whenever she gets any breaks, she visits with us and all her trouble disappear. We make enormous doggy piles that always make her smile (that is when Sasha is not eating M's hair).

That's pretty much it as far as our news goes, but I also wanted to tell you about a new friend we made through our blog. Her name is Bek. She'll tell you the rest . . .

Hey Twinkie Tiny Dog,
I’m working on a short film that I thought you and your extended pup pack might be interested in.  The film, SICK AS A DOG follows Maggie, Betty, and Ginseng, three canine companions that have been forced to confront the ill effects of chronic disease, age-related illness, and poor diet.  Throughout the film, the dog’s humans get support from some of the Bay-Area’s top acupuncturists, dermatologists, water rehabilitation therapists, and other specialists in an attempt to help keep the dogs happy and healthy.
I recently launched a “Kickstarter” campaign to cover the final costs of producing the film so we can get it out the door ASAP.  I have only a few days left to reach my funding goal (until June 13th) and I am already 60% of the way there. There are some great perks for donating, including copies of the DVD and SICK AS A DOG keepsakes.   
Your sis Linguini has already been a huge help by letting us use her x-ray photo for the cover art!
Hope you enjoy,
Rebekah Meredith
and the SICK AS A DOG Production Team

Do stop by to check out Bek's work and see what she's done with our Senior Spotted Dog's x-ray!

M and I are working on figuring out how to better maintain my blog. She says that we can't keep going at this pace and that we should post updates once a week. I say MEEP! It's my dog blog after all and I get the final word on this. 

Bottom line: We're one big happy family and it shows! Right Ziggy?

Lots of love,



JacksDad said...

It's always nice to see when everyone gets along!! Especially when they get along out by the swimming pool! :)

rottrover said...

Look at those paws!! OMD!!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

So all Pedro needed was NOT to be the youngest or newest in the pack:) Glad to hear all is good with the pups. Hope M can find a way to manage it all.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Oskar said...

It sounds like everything is going really well with your new family member & that last shot sure is adorable. I love that Perdito has taken on the role of mother hen!

Nubbin wiggles,

Two French Bulldogs said...

Wow Twink you are film director and a babysitter and King of all the pack. You have a very busy life..we are glad to see things are well
Benny & Lily

brooke said...

That last picture! EEEE!
So cute!
I love that Pedro is taking charge of the pups and setting a good example for them!

Ive given up on trying to post more than 2-3 times a week. There's no way I could do every day. Just post lots and lots of puppy pictures. :)

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Twinks, we love reading your blog, but as a practical matter you can't afford for M to burn out and implode. How long is she back in school for? Maybe you could compromise on the weekly post idea until she finishes [assuming she's not just starting medical school or something extended like that]? And we hate to tell you, but once the Dane puppies hit their teens when they're about 8 months old, you & M are in for a very busy patch. Think Pedro at 140 - 180 lbs times two. Mama's family had a female Dane once who, when she was 8 months old, liked to grab the end of the TP roll and run through the house. We never could figure out how she managed to get through so many rooms before the TP dissolved in her mouth, but she could go through almost an entire roll per run. We're very happy for Pedro that he now has a job to keep him happy! And we're happy for you that Pedro now has a job.

Jed & Abby

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